Sustainability & Sourcing

Pisces Impex sources seafood in a responsible way to ensure there will be a healthy population of ocean and freshwater wildlife for the future generation and it is the right thing to do. Fisheries and acquculture are, directly or indirectly,are a source of livelyhoo for over 500 million people, mostly in developing countries.  Sustainablity is thus not only a real market driver of our business but across much of the global industry too.

Sustainability is not only about fish; it’s about sustaining ecosystems and livelihoods as well. Through close working partnerships with our suppliers, we can promote environmentally friendly practices and also ensure that fishing communities and local businesses maintain and grow their market for sustainable fish they supply.

Wild fish

Pisces Impex sources wild fish caught using the most sustainable methods and the best techniques possible such as short longlining to target the fish we want to catch; this includes traditional pole and line or handline fishing which also ensure that unwanted bycatch is largely avoided.

Our approach to sustainability includes sourcing from fisheries that operate within management programmes and wherever possible we work with fisheries certified to the Marine Stewardship Council's environmental standard for well-managed and sustainable fisheries.

Farmed fish

We source our farmed fish from small-scale farms whose products are well handled and fully traceable. Our farmed fish suppliers adhere to standards that assure both quality of product for our customers and support the welfare of fish stock.


Sourcing fish responsibly is paramount to our business. We passionately believe in promoting the most sustainable products available to us. We work closely with our fish and seafood suppliers, both mainstream and specialist.